Speaker & Broadcaster

Jacquie Wise

Jacquie Wise Speaker and BroadcasterAs a Speaker, Jacquie Wise readily adapts to addressing conference audiences of hundreds, to lunch-time presentations for smaller corporate audiences, to facilitating highly interactive workshops and intimate personal growth groups.

She has presented at various festivals and expos, including the Melbourne Writer’s Festival.

Her in-house training seminars are designed to meet individual, team and organisational needs.

Jacquie is known for her high standards of seminar design and delivery.

Evaluations and enthusiastic feedback show that participants are stimulated, inspired and encouraged by Jacquie’s practical, solutions-oriented approach, delivered in a lively style.

As a Broadcaster, Jacquie Wise is regularly contacted to provide comment for national media including newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

From 1993 until 29 March 2013, she produced and presented the Wise Ways weekly radio program, on Southern FM (3SCB) featuring local and international experts.

After 20 years of weekly broadcasting, Jacquie has decided to transition to new media to reach a broader international audience.

Jacquie has also been interviewed on numerous occasions on 774 ABC, 3AW, 3AK, RRR (Victoria), 2CN, 2SM, 2KY, 2BL, 2GB, (New South Wales) 5DN (South Australia) 6IX )Western Australia), Triple J (National) and 621 Radio National.

Her television appearances on various talk shows or consumer affairs shows have been aired on Channels 2, 7, 9, 10 and 31.

Jacquie Wise has a media kit with downloadable image online here.

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