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Jacquie Wise

Jacquie Wise Industry LeaderJacquie Wise is acknowledged as a pioneer in Australia’s career planning industry, and as an industry leader in the personal development industry.

She spearheaded public workshops on confidence building and goal setting in Melbourne in 1979.

Feedback reveals that her peers in the personal development industry consider Jacquie’s workshops a benchmark for excellence.

Jacquie has demonstrated a special skill in spotting trends and intuiting her audiences’ unspoken needs, which has enabled her to be a ‘first’ throughout her career.

She was the first to:

1  identify the need for innovation in the way school-to-work transition issues were addressed by school teachers. She wrote the first recommended text that was used in schools throughout Australia and New Zealand for over a decade (Give Yourself a Go!). School-to-work transition programs subsequently taught in schools were based on Jacquie Wise’s model

2  identify the specific needs and attitudes of women re-entering the workforce and was commissioned to write Career Comeback to address those needs

3  develop specific material for the then Department of Employment Education and Training (DEET) for their workforce management programs, and programs for the unemployed (in particular unemployed youth)

4  spearhead public workshops on self-esteem and goal setting in Melbourne, that were copied by other short course providers

5  conduct public workshops on confidence building exclusively for men, despite being told that such workshops would never meet with any response, and that furthermore, a woman would never succeed in running them. The workshops ran successfully for more than five years

6  identify and respond to the need for small businesses to understand the world of publicity and promotions by developing courses on public relations and dealing with the media. This led to a number of other providers offering similar courses for small business development

7  conduct public workshops aimed at preparing people for retirement, addressing emotional as well as financial issues. Previously, seminars were conducted only by financial institutions and focused on investment issues

8  identify the need for basic principles of interior decorating to be presented in practical ways for the general public/home makers who want to be their own ‘interior decorator’. Previously, interior decorating principles were only taught at accredited levels for professionals

9  identify and meet the need for public workshops on overcoming shyness, which led to her book The Gift of the Gab and How to Get It which attained its third reprint in as many months after publication

10 identify the trend towards short-cut meals; the need for quicker and easier cooking techniques, which she addressed in a course called I Hate to Cook, the first of its kind

11  spearhead the trend for spiritual issues to be addressed as mainstream topics by developing short courses for the general public

12  act as a ‘coach’ to private individuals or corporate executives, over a decade before the concept of ‘life coaching ’ or ‘performance coaching’ became popular.

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